Thanks to the hard work of our diligent Building Maintenance Team volunteers, we have now received permission from the Diocese to start work on the first of the issues identified in the 5-yearly inspection report conducted by the Church Architect: conservation repairs to two vestry windows. Because of the downturn in Church income during the lockdown, funding for this project has been provided by a grant from the National Lottery COVID-19 emergency support fund. We are very grateful to them, and to National Lottery players who make this kind of funding possible.

The project has involved a steep learning curve for the volunteers, who needed to navigate the procedures in place to ensure that maintenance work conducted on a Grade I listed churches such as St Leonard’s is properly overseen and delivered to conservation standards approved by the St Albans Diocesan Advisory Committee. Having now mastered the requirements, they are well placed to address the other items identified as needing attention.

With the vicar now having left, the Churchwardens are very grateful for the volunteer assistance provided by the Building Maintenance Team – or Fabric Committee in church parlance – and it demonstrates in turn the value of the governance review conducted during the Development Phase of our bid to the National Lottery to ensure that the outcome of improved building maintenance would be achieved.

Below are some pictures of the windows in their current state – we shall post some more when the work is completed to see if you can spot the difference.

Lower vestry window

Upper vestry window