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From this page you can find source material CURATED and DIGITISED by Flamstead Heritage to make it more widely available. This includes both primary and secondary sources, some “well-known”, some newly (re-)discovered. There are books, papers, photographs, audio and video materials.

Through these ARCHIVE materials you can conduct your own RESEARCH into St Leonard’s and Flamstead.

To find materials newly created by Flamstead Heritage or other CONTEMPORARY items, visit the RESOURCES page instead.

23/001: Bullard Collection

Item: 23/001-01
Title: Flamstead, Its Church and History
Authors: BULLARD, J Vincent, Revd.; SEBRIGHT, Sir Edgar R. S.; COBB, Edmund Farley
Published by: J. V. Bullard & E.F. Cobb, 1902
Format: scanned PDF; 41pp, 26MB
Rights Status: out of copyright
View/download: from here

This illustrated survey and history of the church and village, by the Reverend John Vincent Bullard, was written in 1902 when, after an overhanging stone arch fell into the pulpit, he decided to undertake the long overdue restoration of St Leonard’s himself. This he went on to supervise between 1906 and 1908. A report in the book by his school friend, the architect E.F. Cobb describes “the present dilapidated state of the building”.

23/002: Russell Collection

Item: 23/002-01
Title: Flashes of Flamstead
Author: RUSSELL, Cecil, Revd., 1938
Format: digitised 16mm film; black & white, silent; 10m 40s, 173MB
Rights Status: by permission of Russell family
View on YouTube: here

This film was created by Revd. Cecil Russell, vicar of Flamstead, in 1938 at a time when home movies were extremely rare. In his book, written in 1956, he said “There is a 16mm film called ‘Flashes of Flamstead’ taken by the writer in 1938 which will be a valuable record in another century. It shows many of the children in sun-bonnets and some remaining horse transport.”

grainy still from 1938 film of people threshing

more archive material will be added over time