Information Notice

Flamstead Heritage Notice 1. Information Notice (contributors, public, users)
last updated 18th July 2023

About all Notices & Forms

The following notices and forms are used by the Flamstead Heritage Project in connection with its publishing responsibilities. They are largely based on templates, guidance and other materials published by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Notice 1. Information Notice: Flamstead Heritage (contributors, public: users) – this notice
Notice 2. Privacy Notice: Flamstead Heritage (contributors, data subjects)
Notice 3. Notice for Re-use under a CC BY 4.0 Licence: Flamstead Heritage (public: re-users)
Notice 4. Remediation & Takedown: Flamstead Heritage (public: data subjects, rights owners)

Form 1: Flamstead Heritage Consent Form (data subjects)
Form 2: Flamstead Heritage Copyright Permissions Form (licence: copyright owners, contractors)
Form 3: Flamstead Heritage Copyright Agreement: Deed of Assignment/Licence (volunteers)
Form 4: Flamstead Heritage Acknowledgement Request (collectors)
Form 5: Flamstead Heritage Participation Consent Form (contributors)

Legal & Funding Entities

Flamstead Heritage is managed by a Programme Board under delegated authority from the Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Leonard, Flamstead (hereafter “PCC”), registered charity number 1179567.

Therefore, the PCC is the legal entity responsible. Whenever “Flamstead Heritage” or “Flamstead Heritage Project” or “the Project”, is used in these forms or accompanying notices as the name of the organisation responsible, legally this means the PCC.

Flamstead Heritage is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund (hereafter “Heritage Fund”).

Ongoing Arrangements

Responsibility for Flamstead Heritage will revert directly to the PCC at the end of the project in mid-late 2024. The PCC may choose to work with partner organisations, in particular the Flamstead Society, registered charity number 239007, in order to continue publishing and maintaining the content. This arrangement will be subject to the provisions of the Re-Use Licence. Under the terms of the grant funding, the PCC is bound to keep the content available for a minimum of five years after the Project completes.

Ways Content is Used by the Project – including personal data

The Flamstead Heritage Project is using the content it creates or acquires (its heritage material or “outputs”), which may include personal data, in the following ways:

  • Publishing online (digitally), e.g. as text, images, graphics, data, video or audio – on the Project website or within a smartphone app or on social media or on publishing services such as YouTube.
  • Publishing online (digitally), mostly as images and text – on Herts Memories (HALS) website.
  • Publishing in printed form, e.g. in a book, booklet or leaflet made available to the public.
  • Displaying in the church or elsewhere, e.g. on display boards or an interactive display (including video).
  • Included in collections of materials for study by individual researchers (non-digital project archive).
  • Making available for re-use by others under the terms of Creative Commons licences.


In publishing the materials, the purpose of the Flamstead Heritage Project is to facilitate public access to the cultural and heritage content about St Leonard’s church and Flamstead village, and to share this access with as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

All publishing is non-commercial, although some cost-recovery may be implemented, e.g. for printed materials.

About the Organisations

Flamstead Heritage

“St Leonard’s Church in Flamstead embodies 900 years of social, religious, and architectural heritage. The Flamstead Heritage project was created to save the church from closure, because of the need for urgent structural repairs, and to ensure its heritage would be shared with a far wider and more diverse audience. One strand of our heritage engagement activity is to uncover hidden archives of historic images showing Flamstead village and village life and publish them online. By doing this we hope to trigger living memories of some of the events and places portrayed.”

Herts Memories

The Herts Memories website was launched in 2009 to celebrate life in Hertfordshire. From the website

“The site is a community history website run by local volunteers and hosted by Hertfordshire County Council. The content is contributed by members of the public and volunteers. Volunteer editors post the articles and moderate for offensive material, but the County Council is not responsible for checking the factual accuracy of the content. Further contributions and corrections to existing material are always welcome.”

The Flamstead Society

The Flamstead Society (registered charity number 239007) was formed in 1965 and has the following charitable objects:

“To promote the permanent preservation for the benefit of the public generally and especially the inhabitants of the parish of Flamstead of lands and buildings of beauty or historic interest, and, as regards lands, of ecological or other scientific importance, within the parish.”