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From this page you can find out more ABOUT Flamstead Heritage.
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From this page you can find out more ABOUT Flamstead Heritage.

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In 2017, St Leonard’s, Flamstead was threatened with closure and the priceless mediaeval wall paintings with irreparable damage. Death watch beetle and the ravages of time had destroyed the nave roof and other repairs were urgently needed.

But by 2020 the Flamstead Heritage Project had been created, over £1m raised from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, through other grants, and by local matched funding. This meant major restoration building works were able to start.

Building work continued during the pandemic, but delivery of the associated heritage programme had to be suspended.

By 2021, the roof had been restored, other works completed, and the church saved.

In 2022 the heritage programme resumed. We are now engaged in delivering an exciting programme of heritage activities, publishing informative resources and newly (re-) discovered archives, and providing explanatory displays within the church, making our heritage accessible to all.

Together with other projects that brought the church facilities out of the 19th century, St Leonard’s is now an engaging place to visit and a popular venue for community events.

With ongoing funding, proactive maintenance, and further development, St Leonard’s will meet the 21st Century needs of our whole community..

About heritage programme delivery since 2022

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About project initiation, funding, design & restoration works 2017-2021

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Click on the slide to watch a live presentation (13 mins 17 secs – YouTube) given by James Mellish, Project Manager, in October 2022, outlining the restoration (“capital”) works carried out in 2020 and 2021.

Click on the photos or the “read more” links below to find out more about some specific stages of the project between 2017 and 2021.

An evolving heritage building

The church contains medieval wall paintings dating from the 13th century, graffiti carved in the 1500s….
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Our vision for sharing the heritage

St Leonard’s Church embodies 900 years of social, religious and architectural heritage. As with any building of that age,  …
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Project progress report

After a three-year fundraising campaign and over a year of repairs to save the church, we now want to share its heritage…
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Preparation and repairs

The major repairs have now been completed. Preparing for them involved detailed survey work using high tech laser scanners …
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